Capybara Clicker

Capybara Clicker is a pretty simple game. Your main task in the game is to raise and take care of furry capybaras. In the game, you multiply the capybara numbers by clicking the mouse. You can purchase various upgrades to increase the output of capybaras, change the time, and unlock new skins to make you the coolest capybara in town.


  • The natural evolution of Capybara Clicker is one of its outstanding features. As a result, players can play the game for hours without feeling tired.
  • Can change the weather to create a new scene.
  • I can change clothes for my Capybara friends.

How to play Capybara Clicker

You have to care for and please the furry capybaras in the game by clicking on the big capybaras on the screen. Not only will this make your capybara happy, but you'll also make money. You can use the money to buy more items, such as food and toys, to make your capybara's life happier.

Capybara Clicker can assist you in exploring new areas and collecting unique capybara species. At a specific time, you even have a chance to win a unique capybara and other attractive gifts. In addition, the game also allows you to choose a different wallpaper when the weather changes.


Use the mouse to play game.

Tips and tricks

  • Click endlessly to produce lots of capybara.
  • For the most productive advantage, strategically invest your capybaras in purchasing and upgrading buildings.
  • If you make a quick auto-click upgrade and don't turn off the game, passive Capybara production will start.

How can I play Capybara Clicker unblocked for free?

On, you can play Capybara Clicker unblocked for free. Have fun playing Capybara Clicker!