Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a game of the clicker genre that attracts players because of its simple but extremely attractive gameplay. Increasing energy production and colonizing other planets is the aim of this game. When coming to the Planet Clicker game, you are fully immersed in the upkeep and expansion of the virtual world. This game creates a distinct and captivating gaming experience by cleverly combining deep strategic components with fast-clicking gameplay. At the start, you have a simple planet, and then you will need to develop and improve resources, infrastructure, and animals to create a successful universe.

How to play Planet Clicker


Planet Clicker has incredibly easy game controls. To begin, you just need to click on Earth. One energy point will be awarded to you each time you click on Earth. You can visit the shop to increase the value of each click after gathering 20 energy points. By boosting your clicking skills, creating farms, power plants, and other structures, you can produce more energy. 


Through interplanetary energy unit transfer, you can acquire Mars after gaining sufficient energy from Earth. Many great energy sources, such as solar oil, coal, nuclear, and extraterrestrial technology, are available on Mars.


Venus is the last planet, and unlocking it costs one trillion energy units. This planet has a variety of resources, such as lava, iron, and the enigmatic "future technology" advancement.

Strategy of the Planet Clicker game

In this game, you must take over the solar system. Of course, this is not simple. Therefore, it is quite important to employ a few tactics to increase your playing efficiency if you want to master the Planet Clicker game. Let’s refer to some helpful strategies below:

Frequently and early upgrades

You can upgrade whenever you want, even right from the start of the game. Make sure you obtain a minimum of two multipliers by clicking. It's possible to start concentrating more on the enhancements that will generate energy for you on their own without you having to click once you've obtained a few upgrades. You must allocate time for many important upgrades. Rather than focusing on impossible upgrades, you should try spending time on upgrades that are suitable and effective for you. 

Click as quickly as possible

It's best to click as quickly as you can when you first start playing the Planet Clicker game. In the early game, clicking is the quickest way to gain points. You must keep in mind that clicking speed matters more than clicking force on the planet. 

Open up new planets

After reaching a particular energy threshold, you can travel from Earth to Mars. You should unlock Mars as soon as you can because it is a planet with many attractive resources. 
After earning enough resources on Mars, you need to gather enough energy to travel all the way to Venus. Finally, when you have collected enough energy, you will unlock Future Technology, which is the greatest upgrade.

Maintain your tab open

Even if you want to take a break from the Planet Clicker game, you should still keep your tab open. Even if you are not actively playing the game, energy will still be mined. Then, you will be able to make some significant advancements by the time you return to the Planet Clicker game.

Gameplay Mechanics

The main goal of the Planet Clicker is to produce clicks or energy in order to generate resources  on different planets or upgrade more valuable planets. So the Planet Clicker game will have basic mechanics that involve clicking to produce energy, which is then used to buy improvements or upgrades for other planets.

Enhancements: Structures and additions that mechanize the generation of energy in many worlds. 

Planets: As you advance, additional planets with special upgrade routes become available, increasing your total energy output. In this variation, your main goal is to create new, more valuable planets by gathering and merging several sorts. 

Different kinds of planets may exist, each with unique functionalities and rarities. Certain planet pairings have the potential to reveal new, more potent planets. There are several regions or continents to explore when you play this game. Each area will have different planets.

Idle Gameplay: The Planet Clicker game gets increasingly idle as you purchase improvements. Energy keeps building up even when you're not clicking. 

Power-Ups: Coincidental occurrences or unique resources gives you the energy output long-term improvements.

Benefits of playing Planet Clicker

  • Players may unwind and enjoy themselves while playing this game, which helps them forget about the difficulties of daily life. 
  • In this game, players must carefully plan and manage their planet in order to flourish; it also fosters creativity and strategic thinking. 

How can I play Planet Clicker unblocked for free?

On, you can play Planet Clicker unblocked for free. Play the Planet Clicker game right now!

How do you beat Planet Clicker?

To beat Planet Clicker, it's simple! You just need to plan for passive energy harvesting. Always open a tab; even when you are busy with other things, you will receive a heap of energy.

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It can be said that Planet Clicker is one of the hottest and most popular click games ever. At first, this game seems quite simple and boring, but as you gradually gain resources and expand your planet, you will be immersed in this game for weeks or months. Planet Clicker is a great illustration of how the clicker genre may succeed when it captures your attention from beginning to end.