Welcome to the infinite universe of WOP! Here, you will be able to comfortably engage in endless battles with just a few mouse clicks.

How to play WOP?

  • You can comfortably choose the character from the famous game and fight with his enemies. 
  • With each click on the attack, you will receive a corresponding number of points, and after every 100 points, you will get a dollar. 
  • The harder you attack your opponent, the more money you get. 
  • The peculiarity of the game is the automatic mode. If you try to fight and earn a lot of money, you will be able to upgrade to the automatic combat-level puzzle mode. Then you just sit down and watch the money automatically rise.

How can I play WOP unblocked for free?

On Planetclicker.io, you can play WOP unblocked for free. Play the WOP game right now!