Clock Clicker

Clock Clicker is a unique and fascinating idle game where you step into the world of clocks and time. You will become a time collector, where every click is a step forward in earning "timebucks". With these timebucks, you can shop for different types of watches and upgrade them to enhance your ability to make money.

How to play Clock Clicker?

At the beginning, you only have a simple watch and the goal is to earn a lot of timebucks. You will click on the watch to earn "timebucks", then use this money to buy new watches and upgrades. Each type of watch and upgrade will bring different effects and benefits, from increasing the number of "timebucks" you earn per second to unlocking special features.

Tip and Trick:

• Smart Upgrades: Investing in upgrades can increase the number of "timebucks" you earn per click.
• Time optimization: Pay attention to optimizing your time, do not waste clicks on unnecessary times.
• Patience: This game requires patience, so make sure you don't rush to spend your "timebucks" without thinking carefully.

How can I play Clock Clicker unblocked for free?

On, you can play Clock Clicker unblocked for free. Play Clock Clicker game now!