Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker is an idle-clicking game for Pokemon lovers. Your task is to click on the yellow Pikachu to create a lot of amass clicks, then upgrade shops and machines, and unlock Pokemon characters.


Pokemon Clicker gameplay is very simple; players just need to click the mouse or touch the screen to create Pokemon. With each click, the player will earn a certain number of Pokemon, and you will be closer to unlocking all available Pokemon characters in the game. This is truly an exciting journey for Pokemon enthusiasts who want to catch them all with just one click.

Characters in the Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker provides a complete and diverse range of Pokemon characters. From classic characters like Charizard and Blastoise to legendary characters like Mewtwo and Rayquaza,. Many other types of characters in upgrades are waiting for you to unlock them.

How can I play Pokemon Clicker unblocked for free?

On Planetclicker.io, you can play Pokemon Clicker unblocked for free. Play the Pokemon Clicker game right now!