Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an idle-clicking game developed by Orteil and DashNet since 2013 and released on three platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android in 2021. The gameplay is very simple; players just need to click the mouse a lot to make more cookies and earn money, then upgrade shops, machines, and different types of tools to get more cookies and money. This game has only one mode, single-player mode, and any age group can play it. According to statistics from Steam, 97% of players have positive feedback about Cookie Clicker, showing the appeal as well as the extremely entertaining moments that Cookie Clicker has brought.


Cookie Clicker gameplay is very simple, players just need to click the mouse or touch the screen to create cookies. With each click, the player will earn a certain number of cookies.
However, these cookies are not for eating but for investing in different cookie production systems. Your biggest mission in Cookie Clicker is to collect as many cookies as possible. Then, use the earned cookies to buy different gadgets, tools, and shops to increase cookie production productivity.

Early Game

During this stage, you need to focus on clicking to create cookies and purchasing the first cookie production facilities, such as ovens and farms. The goal is to optimize cookie output and unlock early upgrades to speed up production.

Mid Game

At this stage, you already have a significant amount of cookies and plenty of production facilities, you should focus on unlocking upgrades and increasing production through buildings like banks and factories.

Late Game

This stage begins when you unlock "Ascension" and can be restarted with "Heavenly Chips" to enhance cookie output. You need to optimize your strategy, focus on unlocking powerful upgrades and achieving long-term goals like unlocking difficult achievements and increasing unlimited cookies.


Use your mouse to click cookies on the screen to receive cookies with each click.


In the Cookie Clicker game, upgrades are essential to boost your cookie production and enhance various aspects of the game. As of version 2.052, there are 716 regular upgrades. These upgrades can improve many game mechanics, for example:

  • Increase click power: Make each click generate more cookies.
  • Golden Cookie effect boost: Include frequency, duration, and boost.
  • Reduced construction costs: Make purchasing multiple buildings cheaper.
  • Other benefits include unlocking new features or game mechanics.

Mini games

Upgrading certain buildings with sugar lumps will help you discover unique mini-games. The four available mini-games include: Garden from Farms, Pantheon from Temples, Grimoire from Wizard Towers and Grimoire from Wizard Towers.


The Garden is a complex mini-game added to version 2.01. The garden includes 34 different types of plants and mushrooms. Each species has different harvest effects. Some plants, after being harvested, can help unlock new levels.


The Pantheon was added in version 2.0034. This mini-game allows up to three passive effects to be activated by placing souls in three different locations, depending on how effective they are.


Grimoire was added with Pantheon, but this mini-game allows you to use magic. You can only use a certain amount of magic, according to the magic meter. However, you can use a sugar cube to make the clock go faster.

Stock Market

The Stock Market allows you to buy cookies, ingredients, and recipes and then resell them at a higher price to make a profit.

Does Cookie Clicker ever end?

Cookie Clicker is a game with no end in sight. With hundreds of different achievements to conquer, many players make it their goal to collect a significant amount of cookies and unlock every upgrade and achievement in order to consider completing the game.

How can I play Cookie Clicker unblocked for free?

On, you can play Cookie Clicker unblocked for free. Play the Cookie Clicker game right now!