Cat Clicker RE

Welcome to Cat Clicker RE, a refreshing version of the classic clicker game where you don't just click to earn points but also to show your love for cute cats. Cat Clicker RE is not only a click competition but also a journey of caring for and equipping your cat.

Highlights of Cat Clicker RE?

  • Each click is a loving kick on your cat's soft body, earning you "Cat Points".
  • Use points to buy milk, cat grass, or plastic mice to play with cats; each item increases the number of clicks you get.
  • Do "Cat Sacrifice" to unlock more upgrades and gorgeous cat accessories, like a pair of sunglasses or a beautiful hat!
  • Turn your cat into the coolest cat in the region with a range of stylish and unique accessories.

How can I play Cat Clicker RE unblocked free?

On, you can play Cat Clicker RE unblocked for free. Have fun playing Cat Clicker RE!