Commit Battery 2

Commit Battery 2 is an exciting idle clicker game about collecting and developing energy. In Commit Battery 2, you'll have to control and upgrade a battery and turn it into an endless power source. 

This game is a combination of the simplicity of clicking and the complexity of power management, creating a unique and entirely new gaming experience for players.

How do to play Commit Battery 2?

  • Start: You'll start with a basic battery and your job is to click on the battery to generate power and make money from its development.
  • Electronics: In the game, there is an electronics tree where you can invest in upgrades to improve battery performance.
  • Extensions: Achieve various achievements in the game to unlock special upgrades and enhance your capabilities.
  • Win Trophies: complete missions and challenges to earn prizes; each prize will bring unique benefits to your battery.

How can I play Commit Battery 2 unblocked free?

On, you can play Commit Battery 2 unblocked for free. Have fun playing Commit Battery 2!