Doggo Clicker

Welcome to the world of Doggo Clicker! This is where every click is a smile and a tail wave from the cute dogs. 

This game is not just a regular click contest, it's also a journey of nurturing and interacting with your four-legged friends. Show your love and care for your sweet dog!

How to play Doggo Clicker?

  • Each click is a loving gesture for your dog, improving their mood and bringing pleasure to both.
  • With over 50 different upgrades and 21 accessories, you can customize and make your puppy stand out and look more adorable.
  • Level up and spend your statistics points to progress quickly and unlock many new features and upgrades.
  • Have a whole house to build and decorate, creating a cozy space for your dogs.
  • Doggo Clicker offers two levels of prestige so you can reset the process and start over with powerful benefits, making you and your dog stronger.

How can I play Doggo Clicker unblocked free?

On, you can play Doggo Clicker unblocked for free. Have fun playing Doggo Clicker!