Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker

Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker is a simple, but fascinating game. Here, you can build and develop your own planet with just a few clicks.

How to play Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker?

  • When you play Earth Clicker, you'll have to start with a deserted and resourceless planet. Your goal is to turn it into a living paradise. You will click to create resources, then use them to buy updates and new technologies. As your planet grows, you unlock new levels and challenges.
  • Each click creates basic resources like water, air, and soil.
  • Use the resources you have collected to buy upgrades, helping you generate resources faster and more efficiently.
  • Overcome the challenges to unlock new levels and continue the journey of your planet's development.

How can I play Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker unblocked for free?

On, you can play Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker unblocked for free. Play the Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker game right now!