Egg Clicker

Egg Clicker is a simple but incredibly exciting game. Here, you start with an egg and the goal is to "burn" out as many eggs as possible.

How to play Egg Clicker?

  • Click on the egg on the screen.
  • With every click, you're going to have a new egg, but you'll also have the chance to discover the unexpected rewards and magical creatures inside each egg.
  • This game not only challenges your patience and speed of reaction, but also brings endless fun with stunning images and funny sounds.
  • You'll enjoy the excitement when the egg starts to crack and the thrill of seeing new creatures appear.
  • Egg Clicker is the perfect time-killing game, helping you relax after stressful hours of work or learning.

How can I play Egg Clicker unblocked free?

On, you can play Egg Clicker unblocked for free. Have fun playing Egg Clicker!