Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is an idle/supermarket management game. This innovative game was developed by TinyDobbins.  Since the release of Monkey Mart, it has received positive reviews from the community. In the game, players control a cute monkey character who manages a supermarket and serves customers. Every day, the player's job is to prepare ingredients by growing plants and harvesting them, turning them into more complex dishes to satisfy the needs of customers at the cashier counter. The products in your supermarket are bananas, eggs, corn, coffee, etc. When you collect enough money, you can unlock new machines and hire helpers. Managing a supermarket and being a cashier, can you please the customers?


  • Control a cute monkey to run a supermarket by tending plants, harvesting, selling, and cashiering.
  • Vivid 3D graphics, eye-catching animated environments, cool green forest colors, and cute animal customers.
  • You can expand the supermarket by unlocking new equipment and shelves and hiring more employees.
  • You can customize your character's appearance by changing hats and accessories.

How to play Monkey Mart 

Move around the supermarket to harvest fruits, then bring them to the shelves for customers to pick up. Then go to the cashier and pay. The character will automatically do the work; you just need to move it to the right place.

Use the WASD and arrow keys to move the character.

Tips and Tricks

  • In the game, the most important thing is that you must always keep the shelves full of goods. Pay attention to customer needs and replenish popular goods continuously.
  • Pay attention to upgrading stores, opening more shelves, and diversifying products to attract more customers.
  • Try to please customers; avoid making them wait long when paying.

How do I unlock the new supermarket in Monkey Mart?

Pay attention to the photo frame area on the screen. You must earn enough money to unlock that area.

Is it possible to change the character's outfit?

Maybe you tap on the hat icon and check out all the hats you can wear.

What devices are compatible with Monkey Mart?

You can play Monkey Mart completely free on devices with a network connection, such as a PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

How can I play Monkey Mart unblocked for free?

You can play Monkey Mart unblocked for free on