Planet Attack Clicker

Planet Attack Clicker is an upgraded version of Planet Clicker that is unique and exciting! This is still a game belonging to the clicker game category, where you will have to defend your planet from the attacks of the enemy. 
In Planet Attack Clicker, you are the commander of a planet and your mission is to defend against continuous attacks from outer space. 

How to play game Planet Attack Clicker?

  • You will need to click or touch the screen to launch counterattacks while using the resources gained to upgrade the planet's defense and weapons systems.
  • Click to shoot down enemy spacecraft and protect your planet.
  • Use resources obtained from shooting down enemies to upgrade defenses and weapons.
  • Unlock and use special skills to enhance defensive strength in emergency situations.
  • Try out a variety of playing modes, from basic to challenging, with increasing difficulty.
  • Complete goals and get achievements to unlock new content and features.

How can I play Planet Attack Clicker Unblocked for free?

On, you can play Planet Attack Clicker unblocked for free. Have fun playing Planet Attack Clicker!