Wheat Clicker

Welcome to the Wheat Clicker! Here, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a wheat farmer with just a few clicks! This game is not only an ordinary clicker adventure but also a challenging and exciting farm management experience.

How to play Wheat Clicker?

  • Starting with a small wheat field, you will click to harvest the grain and, step by step, build your agricultural empire.
  • Using harvested wheat seeds to buy upgraded tools such as algae, dam harvesters, and even quantum dam harvesters, each of which yields higher harvest efficiency.
  • Expand your fields and enhance the power, speed and capacity of your machinery during the harvest season.
  • Share your achievements with other farmers in the rankings.
  • Wheat Clicker brings a relaxing feeling when you work hard on your wheat fields.

How can I play Wheat Clicker unblocked free?

On Planetclicker.io, you can play Wheat Clicker unblocked for free. Have fun playing Wheat Clicker!